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SJ_KS_Oncetopper...if they combined the power of tablets, smart phones and ebook readers...with the joy of storytelling and board games.

Welcome to Sojourner! I'm Tracy Hickman. I'm an International and New York Times Best Selling author and game designer. For over thirty years, my wife Laura and I have been writing novels and designing games ('Dragonlance', 'Wayne of Gotham', 'Ravenloft', 'Dragon's Bard'). Now we're thrilled to invite you on our latest adventure: to bring interactive adventure storytelling to families and hobbyists alike.

In Sojourner Tales, you will use strategy and wits as you discover and collect the pieces of your mysterious story as you strive to be the first to complete the epic adventure. The tale is different every time you play ... or you can download new Sojourner Tales to explore from our website!

  • Number of Players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: 60-90 minutes
  • Age of Players: 12+ (requires minimum reading skills)
  • Setup time: 5-7 minutes
  • Teach the rules: 3-5 minutes

Almost everything you need to know in order to play the game is contained in our basic game play video right here.

Can I play without electricity?

Absolutely! The Sojourner Story books are designed so that you can use either a print version of the adventures or the e-book version although the electronic versions make the game faster and easier to play.


The first person to collect all five of their Chapter Disks and fulfill the final win condition of the story wins that game!

There are other rules clarifying the random setup of the board and when you turn over a face-down Chapter Disk but you already know enough rules right here to play the game.

We've created a board game like no other: the first to integrate download content for tablets such as iPads, smart phones and e-reader devices such as Kindles, Nooks and Kobos.


  • Unique Ebook Story Modules: The story told in every Sojourner Tale is designed to be contained entirely in the electronic mobi or epub files. You also have the option to download the adventure in PDF format to print out and use with the game if you do not have a tablet or other device that supports the electronic book formats. However, the use of any touch-screen device provides a magical experience in storytelling and helps the game move faster.
  • Adaptable Design: The game components that come in the box and the rules of the game itself are specifically designed to be adaptive to a broad spectrum of storytelling. Each Sojourner Story Module contains information on which location tiles are to be used on the board with that particular story, thereby changing the look of the game board depending on the story being told. All of the flavor, setting, characters and narrative of the adventure are contained in the downloaded module ... meaning the game can adapt to any story you want to live.
  • Innovative Storytelling System: The board keeps track of your location in the epic story, making certain that the game flows back and forth between the board and the ebook with the story continuity left intact. For random encounters, an innovative 'Twisted Tales' system lets the players draw two twisted cards and one tales card and then 'stack' them in such a way as to make a phrase -- a phrase which takes them to a specific adventure entry for that combination of cards.
  • Grass-roots Licensing: We want YOU to write adventures for our game and so we are even providing you with a 'grass-roots licensing option whereby you can not only create your own Sojourner Tales games but (with our license) also sell those adventures on our official website.

Anything is possible! Since the story and complexity of the game is designed to be contained entirely in the Sojourner Story Module, it is entirely up to the module designer.

The book contains our 'secret recipe': a matrix of entries designed specifically to interface with the game. You play the game under the same basic rules but once you enter the book, whatever the story's author creates will plunge you into that story. Some stories are simple and created for quick play and families. Others may be complex, intended for more serious hobby gamers.

Our stretch goals list two additional modes of play: Improv and Theater play. Improv is a way of using the game to make up the story collectively as you play. Sojourner Theater play has each person at the table downloading the same book ... but with each player taking a different speaking part as the game progresses.

In our initial release of the game, we will include components for three genres of story:

  • Fantasy
  • Science-fiction
  • Horror

Additional themed components representing further genres are certainly possible. What would you like to see?

We're packing a lot of awesome in every box.

  • 1 Gameboard
  • 50 'Twisted' Cards
  • 50 'Tales' Cards
  • 36 'Destiny' Cards
  • 6 Player Tokens
  • 6 Custom Six-sided Dice
  • 1 'Lead Player' Marker
  • 1 'Chapter' Marker
  • 1 'Scene' Marker
  • 32 Story Disks (6 each in 6 colors)
  • 6 Journal Display Boards
  • 15 Location Cards (creates 6 unique board configurations supporting fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, romance/steampunk, superhero and holiday themes)
  • 1 Sojourner Story Module (print edition with additional access instructions for downloading PDF, Kindle Mobi or iPad epub files)
  • 1 Rules Book
Original Cover Design

Original Cover Design

Could you write a game just for your son's birthday? Maybe a game specifically for your parent's anniversary? What if you want to write fan-fiction Sojourner Story Modules of your own?

Great! We want to help you!

We will be providing through our website tools to help you create your own Sojourner Tales adventures for your own, personal -- as in non-commercial -- use.

But what if you want to SELL that amazing Sojourner Story Module that you polished to perfection?

Great! We want to help you do that, too!

We will sell you a license to produce official and sanctioned Sojourner Tales adventures which you can sell with our blessing. The license initially will be for from one to two years. Anything you produce during the period of the license that meets our standards, is licensed for five years after the end of the license. You should notice that there are Backer levels which include this license. You'll need to adhere to our standards policies regarding content and quality. If you have a license from us, we will not only allow you to sell it but will even host it on our Sojourner Tales website.

4 thoughts on “About the Game

  1. Jason Susavidge says:

    downloadable how? like we can play it on the pc or we print it out and play that way?

    • The board and components can all be printed out using some fairly standard stock. That is how we built our original prototypes. ‘Story Modules’ for the game have always been intended to be fully downloadable. Indeed, this will be one of the first board games to effectively make use of tablets, smart phones and e-reader devices.

      The version of the game we will ship to you on completion will be a high-quality heirloom game with durable components. This is a game that we are building to be PLAYED with new content being released on a regular basis.

  2. Tim Frederick says:

    What are you expecting new content to cost? Is it up to the author?

    • I believe that it is largely up to the author but that we also need some discussion among ourselves over the next few months regarding what we think a ‘standard’ price should be for new content. In fact, I think that’s a conversation we should start having right away.