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Pick-a-Path Musical: Gamers of the Lost-Con

Lost-Con-smlI am pleased to announce Pick-a-Path Musical: Gamers of the Lost-Con! This is the same game which we used as the basis for our delightful performance at the Gen Con game convention earlier this month in Indianapolis. Now you can play the musical as the third free Story Module for your Sojourner Tales game.

This is the story of a Gamer boy, a Larper Girl, their quest for love and meaning at a mega-media-game convention and a duel of dice to the death! It isn't over until the fat dragon (or at least a puppet held by Phil) sings! The game is a free download available here on this website in dazzling variety of ebook, smartphone, tablet and computer-friendly formats. You just need to be logged in with your account (available at no cost) to download the files from our Free Stuff page.

And, of course, you can even recreate the full experience by purchasing the soundtrack for the musical, featuring 16 original songs by our daughter Tasha Hickman. The Sojourner Story Module includes cues as to which song to play at the appropriate place in the game.

We are delighted to provide this new, wacky and delightful adventure to you. Let the games begin!