DIY (slight) Delay … and a good thing, too!


We were gearing up for the release of the DIY version of Sojourner Tales we encountered a slight artwork delay ... partly because of your outstanding input! One of the improvements to the game that was suggested by several of our backers was to have the locations be 'double sided' so that the design could accommodate flipping the location cards during the game. We heard you and acted on it.

Unfortunately, that meant a slight delay in getting the artwork together for the locations. We expect to have it on Monday or Tuesday of this week. Then we can immediately place it in the DIY and have the package ready for you to download at last.

And why is this a GOOD thing?

Not only will you be getting an instantly better game but it will allow those of you who have not yet registered for your free account on the Sojourner Tales website to do so before our importing of everyone's data on Monday. We have to have the kickstarter data imported so that those of you receiving the DIY as part of your pledge (which is pretty much everyone above the $20 pledge level) can have proper access to the files.

So, please be sure to get your free registration on the Sojourner Tales website before Monday so that your account will already exist on the website before we import the data. This will allow you to chose your own user name ... otherwise the system will do it for you and you know what THOSE user names can look like!

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