Before They Open the Door

Before They Open The DoorThe perfect companion to the Sojourner Story Module or for your next convention excursion. Here is the music from Hickman's Pick-a-path Musical as performed at numerous game conventions across the United States. Tasha Hickman performs her own words and music in this original production. The Sojourner Story Module includes cues for which song is to be performed at what point: bringing music and your game to a whole new level.

  • Before they Open the Door
  • Number One (The Stalker Fan)
  • My Best Knight
  • Picture Me
  • King of the Con
  • A Dragon Named Larry
  • Lost in the Land of Larp
  • Enemy of my Enemy
  • Miniature Hero
  • Won, Not Me
  • Beyond the Con
  • Best. Game. Ever!
  • Before they Close the Door
  • BONUS: Breathe In (Shakespeare Song)
  • BONUS: Cherry Pie Song
  • BONUS: Ukulele Music
  • BONUS: Fake Irish Pub Song (Sing Along)

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