The First Stretch


It is incredible! Thanks to the amazing support from our backers we have surpassed 88% of our funding in the first seven days of our Kickstarter Project!SJ_Stretch

As promised, we have a remarkable set of stretch goals for you that are going to take your Sojourner Tales game into a whole new dimension of fun!


When we reach our funding goal, you will be able to celebrate with an ADD ON for one of our Sojourner Tales t-shirts. These t-shirts come on a rich 'cardinal red' featuring our Sojourner Tales logo on the front and 'Once Upon a Time there was a...' with a QR code to our website on the back. Simply add $20 to your current pledge level ($25 for international) for each T-shirt you want and we'll ship these to you with your game!


A new way to play for adventurers! What if you could not only enjoy the storytelling of a Sojourner Tales game but also make it up as you play? This expansion to the game gives you both Optional Rules and a new Sojourner Story Module designed by Tracy & Laura Hickman that let you pick the genre and setup for your story and just enough inspiration at each turn to help everyone at the table create their own improved story as they play. INCLUDED AT ALL PLEDGE LEVELS!


Keeping track of the Lead Player during any turn of the Sojourner Tales game is important so why leave such a critical position to be indicated by a cardboard disk? As a Kickstarter backer, should we reach this stretch goal, you will have the opportunity to obtain one of our brass-forged Lead Player challenge coins minted EXCLUSIVELY FOR KICKSTARTER BACKERS. These coins measure 1.5 inches in diameter with full-color front and back images.


THIS IS AN ADD-ON ITEM: In order for your to receive this coin you will need to add $15 to your current backer level.


SOJOURNER PROFESSIONAL #1: Larry Correia is a New York Times bestselling fantasy novelist. His first novel, Monster Hunter International, despite being self-published reached the Entertainment Weekly bestseller list in April 2008, after which he received a publishing contract with Baen Books. Monster Hunter International was re-released in 2009 and was on the Locus bestseller list in November 2009. The sequel, Monster Hunter Vendetta, was a New York Times bestseller. The third book in the series, Monster Hunter Alpha, was released in July 2011 and was also a New York Times bestseller. INCLUDED AT ALL PLEDGE LEVELS!

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