Holiday Gift: To All a Good Knight!

Sojourn As a special gift to our backers from our Kickstarter Project and here on our website, I have put together a little holiday Sojourner Tales Module just for the holidays. It's a retrofit of our original module and I enjoyed writing the entries especially in a simplified format for family fun. It's now available for your download right here and can be played with your D.I.Y. version of the game.

You'll simply need to log in to this website and the download page for this gift should appear in the menu tabs above or you can download the files directly from this post.

I've been working on this all day for you, my good friends. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ... and 'To All a Good Knight!

If you are registered for this website, please log in so that you can download this adventure from this same post! A copy of the Sojourner Tales Game is required to play this adventure. You can purchase a D.I.Y. copy for immediate download right here on our website.

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