Sojourner Hangouts

Here is where you will find updated links to the current Google Hangout.

Telethon Hangout Live Now:

Our next Google  Hangout will be Wednesday, at 8 pm mountain time.  Return to this page just before the event to get the link to enter the hangout.  See you there!


You will also be able watch it here on Youtube.

You can ask your questions by emailing me at

Hangout with Kevin J. Anderson & the Hickmans

(Friday, October 4th, 8:00 pm mst) Kevin J. Anderson, our next stretch-goal author, joined us to talk about his amazing work in many worlds, what he hopes to write for Sojourner Tales and the state of publishing today.

Hangout with Larry Correia & the Hickmans

(Thursday, October 3rd, 7:00 pm mst) Larry Correia, our first stretch-goal author, joiined us to talk about his series, what he hopes to be writing for Sojourner Tales and answering your questions.

You can ask your questions by emailing me at

10 thoughts on “Sojourner Hangouts

  1. Jonathan Miller says:

    Is this hangout still on? Where do you find the link?

  2. Jonathan Miller says:

    Not sure what you all were discussing in regards to another group. Google Hangout On Air can only have 10 people in it. The rest of us were watching your stream via the youtube link provided on this page. In past experience, someone from the elite 10 usually watches the youtube feed in another browser (not signed into google account) and monitors the comments from the masses. It appeared your broadcast was working fine.

  3. Unfortunately it looks like the hangout link doesn’t work. Several of us were watching through the youtube link above and then you moved!

    • Well, as with most initial test flights this one resulted in anomalous behaviors outside the expected performance curve. Or, in the more common parlance, didn’t work out as expected. However, we learned a LOT about how Google Hangouts work and what to expect with our next hangout so that it will fly properly.

      Thank you everyone for your patience. Next time, we’ll actually know what we’re doing!

  4. Teddy Adam Byrd says:

    So, I was brand new to Google Hangouts last night while this was running, but after watching on the You Tube link from above, I found the actual “hangout” by going to the “on air” hangouts page:

    … and then searching for the right one.

    However, after messing around with it a bunch, I think the best link to send people to next time (assuming this same format is used again) might be Tracy Hickman’s Google+ page at:

    The hangout was airing live there as well, and after I chose to “follow” Tracy and his page, there was the option to join the hangout (once that smiling profile pic of his was on the right-hand hangout bar). I could just click on that pic to open up a pop-out of the broadcast.

    Unfortunately, by the time I figured this out, the live portion was already over, so I really have no confirmation if this is the right path to take next time. Does that sound right to you Google Hangout wiz’s out there?

  5. Teddy Adam Byrd says:

    I think the hangout went really well tonight (Tuesday, 10/01/2013)! already looking forward to the next!

  6. Teddy Adam Byrd says:

    Larry Correia on 10/03/2013:

    Hope this helps!

  7. Travis White says:

    I’m a little confused as to the start time of the hangout in conjunction with the end time of the Kickstarter program.

    Is the hangout at 9:00 mountain time? I thought this was when the Kickstarter ended. My Kickstarter app says we have 2 hours left , it is 7:30 mountain now?