Man Behind the Curtain


Years ago, I played the Wizard in a local community production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. I rather enjoyed being the wizard although it meant that I was about the ONLY actor in the production who DIDN'T get to sing. So I have something of an appreciation for the Wizard and all that effort that he went to 'behind that curtain.'

It has just been a week since the exciting and dramatic conclusion to our Kickstarter campaign for Sojourner Tales. The tornado of emails, updates and comments may seem to have quieted somewhat from your perspective, but it has been a tremendously busy time for us behind the scenes. You may have experienced a hiccup or two (our registration system was down for a while) but for the most part the changes and advances have been all a frantic-paced flurry of construction out of sight on the site.

Here's what we've been up to:

  • PRODUCTION: We have been working our way through revised bids on producing the game -- especially after the upgrades on the game components -- and trying to determine the size of the first-edition print run. We're grateful to all of our Sojourners here on the forums who have contributed wonderful ideas for inclusion in the base game: we're trying to implement as many of them as we can.
  • FULFILLMENT:  that's about who we get or how we manage to ship your game and add-ons to you when they arrive. This is a lot more complicated than it sounds when you realize we have to sort out who gets what out of over seven hundred incredible backers!
  • DATA TRANSFER AND INTEGRATION: Yes, it truly is as mind-numbing and essential as it sounds. We will be collecting information from you shortly with surveys through the Kickstarter website. This will give us the final data file configuration that we need to migrate your information to the website and for our fulfillment. This means taking the data files that we get from Kickstarter and then translating them into a second set of data files that our website can then import and understand. The transfer and translation have to be precise so that you get the services, games and add-ons that you requested.
  • YOUR SSM SALES: For our licensed creators, we want to make sure that the website is set up not only to handle your sales efficiently and quickly but that you be in direct control of your sales content, able to post new SSM adventures, and receive your payments directly. This has required something like brain surgery on our Sojourner Website which Laura and I have been doing on our own. (Also why the registration system went down for a couple of days.) The result will be that  each of our license holders will have their own store section available to them, very much in the same way that etsy handles their sales. We are still working through some setup issues but the end result should make your experience of being a licensed creator simple.

And, of course, I'm supposed to writing both three books and a few Sojourner Story Modules while I'm at it.

Where's Glinda when you need her?

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