Prototype is Awesome!

Proto2Yesterday, a box arrived on my doorstep which caused tremendous excitement here at the Hickman household. It contained the production prototypes for our Sojourner Tales storytelling board game.

This is the next step in the process: approving the prototype for production. It is as close to actually making the game as possible without actually flipping the switch and making the entire production run.

Inside the box were, first of all, two boxes. One was the mock-up prototype which uses low resolution graphics to simulate the presentation of the components. The colors of this presentation are faded -- rather like a quick printout on a color printer -- but it allows us to check and make sure that they are assembling the product correctly. The second box is entirely in plain white -- no printing whatsoever -- but it uses the actual components, papers and finishes of the final product. This is to make sure that the sizes, weights and types of paper and components are correct.

Prototype ReviewAfter these two boxes are found the proof sheets. These are high quality printed sheets which represent the actual quality of the final printing and are checked for color consistency and errors. In our case, pages from the rule book, the included story book, all the cards and the 'MacGuffin' punch outs were inside the box. In addition, we found one of the special dice for the game as well as the player tokens.

We had to laugh when we saw the player tokens; the specifications I gave for them were HUGE. They look like bowling pins on the board. I'll need to get back with the manufacturer and decrease the size of that component before we approve the prototype. In addition, there were none of the plastic story disks included so I'll need to ask about approval on those as well.

The point is that as soon as I get these last minute issues corrected, the game will be on its way! I have the title song from the Lego Movie running through my head now ... everything is awesome!

One thought on “Prototype is Awesome!

  1. Pete Hess says:

    Any word on when? I’m anxious to introduce my friends to the game.