Ramping Up


'Ramp up' describes the period between product development, and maximum capacity utilization, characterized by product and process experimentation and improvements. It seems to me that having so successfully completed the Kickstarter for Sojourner Tales, we are now very much in this ramp up process.

For Our Gamers...

What this ramp-up mostly means is we will begin rolling out your downloadable games, genre packs, solo and Improv rules. In general, we think these will follow in this order:

  • DIY Sojourner Tales Game: This is the biggest and most important of our downloads. It is the full game in a color format whereby you can create your own early copy of the game. We are working to have this ready for release for you within the next few days.
  • Horror Genre Pack: This will be a downloadable card set we hope to have finished next week as well.
  • Improv Rules: This will allow you to play a Sojourner Tales Game while making up the story as you go along. We are hoping to have this as our Holiday present for you this December.
  • Celebrity Modules: Our Kickstarter backers will be receiving these as part of their bonuses for their backing.
  • Shroud of the Avatar Trilogy of Story Modules: These will be released starting in April of next year.

For Our Creatives...

If you have a Creator's License -- or are considering acquiring one (still being offered at the original rates until November 1st) -- then here's how you can help. We are now ready to start testing a few of our systems and we're hoping that you'll be in a position to help us as we bring the website and Sojourner Tales into a fully functional state of entertainment.

Here is what we have been working on and could use your feedback:


We are trying to establish some baseline tags for our Sojourner Story Modules. These include COMPLEXITY (1 through 5), RATINGS (G through PG13) and some other additional tags such as 'Celebrity', 'Game' or 'Extension'. (SEE our discussion on tags here in the Forums.) Laura believes that we should price our Sojourner Story Modules at a standard price of approximately $7.95 for an average adventure (Complexity 3), $4.95 for an introductory adventure (Complexity 1 or 2) and $9.95 for a premium adventure (Complexity 5, Pro or Celebrity). We would like your thoughts on this pricing so please join the discussion here on the Forums.


We have implemented our Sojourner Marketplace system which will allow every licensed creator to have their own Sojourner Storefront for uploading, selling and delivering their Sojourner Story Modules to our growing audience.

Sojourner Storefront Services

Each individual creator with a license will be able to:

  • Establish and administer your own storefront here on our website in order to sell your Sojourner Story Modules.
  • Write blog posts for their individual storefronts about Sojourner Tales which may be featured on the main website posts.
  • Create individual product listings for your SSMs including cover/sales art, product description and the price you set.
  • Upload your SSMs to our website so that purchasers may download your SSM immediately.
  • Receive your payment directly and immediately to your Paypal account when any purchase takes place.

We here at Sojourner Tales will:

  • Host your Sojourner Storefront blog posts and products on our server.
  • Host your SSM product files on our web server.
  • Pay for the credit card processing on each order in your store
  • providing support for your store.

Overhead Fee:

All of these storefront services are expensive to setup, serve and maintain so we will be asking a 15% overhead fee on each store sale made through your Sojourner Storefront on this website. It costs you nothing to setup your storefront, post a product, upload your files to our server or run your storefront blog.

Example: On a $4.95 basic SSM sale, the Overhead Fee would be $0.74. Credit Card processing charges and fees would be roughly $0.45. This leaves Sojourner Tales $0.29 for maintaining the storefront and files.

Also there are no fees charged to you for setting up your storefront, uploading your content or promoting it on the Sojourner Tales site. This Overhead Fee would ONLY take effect when your SSMs were sold on the Sojourner Tales website through your storefront. Licensed Creators are NOT required to use your Storefront; your license permits you to sell your SSM designs anywhere else on the web under whatever terms that are acceptable to you. It may be helpful to note that this is HALF or better of what Amazon.com will collect for their fee and much less than Etsy for similar services. And we believe there is an advantage to selling your adventure here on the website dedicated to Sojourner Tales.

So let us know what you think of our approach to Storefronts on our special forum topic. What would you suggest?

Pioneer Storefronts

Finally, we will start opening up a LIMITED number of storefronts for testing purposes to our licensed creators. This will allow you early access to setting up your storefront and assist us in addressing any major problems before opening all the storefronts. If you are interested in participating in this experimental program, please send us a personal message through the forum system. We'll let you know if you have been selected for this sneak peek program.

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