Sell Your Sojourner Story Here!

SJ_LicenseAdd_illo_1Only available until January 1st, 2013: You will be granted a 2 year license to produce Sojourner Story Modules which you can sell anywhere you like ... including right here on our website! Your license includes:

  • The right to produce as many Sojourner Story Modules (SSMs) as you wish during the period of the license. So long as it is written and its completed, functional form is posted to us during your license period, you may produce as many titles as you wish and retain ownership of the product you produce.
  • The right to sell modules produced during your license period in perpetuity. Thus, so long as you produce your SSM during your license period, you have the right to sell it not only during your license period but even after your license period is over.
  • The right to sell your Sojourner Story Modules (SSM) world-wide in any ebook or paper format anywhere you wish at whatever price you set and keep 100% of the profits from those sales. If you sell them directly from Facebook or your own websites, you keep 100% of the profits. If you decide to sell thorough a vendor, like or then you keep all the profits you collect after their fees. No further payments are due to us beyond your license fee.
  • You will also receive storefront space on our website where you can upload and sell your own Sojourner Story Modules (you receive 80% of all sales made through our website. Our percentage is for website maintenance and hosting fees.)
  • Access to our community of Creators through our online forums.
  • However, as part of your license, you must agree to certain content restrictions which essentially amount to (1) no content which would be construed as hate speech, (2) age appropriate content must be clearly identified and categorized and (3) generally reflective of ethics and morality in a pluralistic society. The nature of these content restrictions may be revised form time to time.

As part of our Creator's License system, you need to be registered and logged in to our website before you purchase a Creator's License to produce commercial Story Modules for the game. This registration is absolutely free of charge and with no obligation. Simply click on the 'Signup now' link in the 'Membership Login' on the right to create your account, then return to this page. Your purchase options will appear here after you have logged in.