Sojourner Adventure Dice

One of the stretch goals for our Sojourner Tales funding on Kickstarter was to include special, custom dice in the game. Of course, for our creators who are writing their unique Sojourner Story Modules, it is essential that they know just what these dice will be and what capabilities they open up for their adventures.

Sojourner Adventure Dice

So, may I present the Sojourner Tales Adventure Dice -- the custom faces which will appear on the six dice included in the game that will ship to you this year. These faces feature the numbers 1-6 (which are all that are used in the basic game) but also feature additional symbols which may be used in ways customizable to each adventure

There are two triangles, three corner arrowheads, three corner stars, two circles and one hexagon. The meaning of these symbols are completely definable by the Creator of the individual SSMs. For example, you might define the arrowheads as 'Melee Attack Success', the circles as 'Defense Success', the triangles as 'Ranged Attack Success' and the hexagon as 'Critical Hit/Defense' and the corner stars as 'Discovery'. You could roll these dice individually for these results or designate a number of dice for an 'attacking player' to roll at once and a 'defending player' to roll a number of dice for their own defense. The attacking player might total the number of 'arrowheads' and then subtract the number of 'circles' rolled by the defending player to determine an amount of damage done. This is just one example of how these dice symbols might be defined.

Furthermore, as a Creator, you might also designate success on a roll of either diamonds or circles (4 in 6 odds) or any arrowhead (3 in 6 odds) or any triangle (2 in six odds).  A horror story module might define hexagons as 'fear' symbols and, for example, and a 'Twisted Tales" entry in could be written, 'The current player must roll a number of dice equal to the chapter marker number. If any 'fear' is rolled (hexagon) then that player's turn ends at once."

These dice open up tremendous capabilities for advanced game scenarios. How will you use them?

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