The Sojourner D.I.Y. is Now Available!


Laura and I are proud to announce that the Sojourner Tales complete board game is now available for immediate download in its D.I.Y. format. Each of our Kickstarter Backers at the Sojourner D.I.Y. level and above should now have access the complete files for the 'Do-it-yourself' version of the game. Qualifying members on this website should see the access to the download on the lower menu bar above.

If you didn't get in on the Kickstarter Campaign you can STILL acquire the digital download today. You can pledge for the download only for $25 dollars.

As part of our download system, you need to be registered and logged in to our website before you purchase the D.I.Y. version of the game. This registration is absolutely free of charge and with no obligation. Simply click on the 'Signup now' link in the 'Membership Login' on the right to create your account, then return to this post. Your purchase options will appear here after you have logged in.


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