Sojourner Custom Modeling

BatmobilerLast month, as I was caught up in the holiday spirit, I decided to try writing that Christmas Sojourner story module that I had had on my mind. Between my overwhelming work schedule and the crush of the holidays, I wondered if it would be possible to find enough time to write this little gift.

As it turned out, I was able to do this in a single day.

This extraordinary feat was made possible because I modeled an existing template. Rather than try engineering a completely new matrix, I took the existing matrix for our first Sojourner tales module, replaced the descriptions, location titles, introduction text, and the choice descriptions with text for the new story, and then exported that into the e-book and Kindle formats. Creating, testing, and especially wiring (i.e. creating the internal hyperlinks that allow the player to interface events in the game properly with the e-book) is an arduous, painstaking task which can take a week or more to design and build. However, as any custom car-maker will tell you, it is far, far easier to put a custom body and interior on an already existing chassis, frame and drive-train than to build a vehicle from the ground up. You can purchase your very own replica Batmobile but it will come on the frame of a Ford Lincoln fitted with a superb but off-the-shelf engine and drive-train.

With that in mind, one of the things I'm working on early this year will be an EPUB template for a basic, generic Sojourner story module which you could easily edit into your own game. As more of us gain experience in creating Sojourner story module's, I could even see a market for selling or exchanging such templates to other creators for the game. A variety of such templates would richly add to the variety of the game while making creation of Sojourner story module's ever so much quicker.

Laura and I will be opening all of the creators storefronts within the next two weeks. We are so looking forward to seeing your adventures and playing them. We hope that making this template concept available to you will speed up the creation process and bring all of us fun games to play sooner than ever!

UPDATE: All Licensed Creators are now able to create their storefronts. Look for the tab under 'My Account' that lets you set up your own store!

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