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You can still pledge your support of our Sojourner Tales Game right here!

You will receive the core game shipped directly to you as soon as it arrives! Order as many copies as you like. Shipping and handling charges will be added upon checkout.

Only available until November 1st, 2013: You will be granted a 2 year license to produce Sojourner Story Modules which you can sell anywhere you like ... including right here on our website!



7 thoughts on “The Game Store

  1. William Voland says:

    I missed the Kickstarter deadline! Will any of the levels be available in the future? I was planning to pledge EXPLORER level or higher.

    • It is going to take us about a week to get all the data sorted out from the Kickstarter. We will then be offering a number of those pledge levels on this website for those who missed getting in on the kickstarter.

  2. […] As it gets close to the ending date, build momentum. This is when the posts might come a little closer together, as you encourage everyone to reach a little farther to get the goal, or to attain a stretch goal. This is where you might put in add-ons, individual rewards people can add to what they’re already getting, in order to build interest. The perfect example of this is Tracy and Laura Hickman’s Sojourner Tales Kickstarter. It finished with over 200% funding, but in the last couple of weeks they were putting in add-ons, offering video chats with the authors participating in upcoming stretch goals (like Kevin J. Anderson), and put up a you-tube game play sampler. And they made sure everyone knows they can still join in by going to their website. […]

  3. Sadly I missed the actual Kickstarter. A friend of mine (who did pledge) put out a link on a role-playing game and writing site we both frequent so I went and looked, and told myself I needed to do this… and then life got busy. Sad story I know. But I am happy for you guys.

    In fact I just paypal’d 45 for the game to be shipped, and then got the $60 two yr license to try my hand at writing. Thank you for that opportunity, BTW.

    I wanted to contribute to the efforts to get this game launched and be a part of it. I am looking forward to putting my ideas into Sojourner Tales format and craft a small piece of the Magic along with everyone else. Again, thank you for that opportunity!


  4. Will I still be able to purchase a license for the game after November 1?

    • Yes, although Laura and I have not yet determined what the terms of the license will be after November 1st.

      • I’m really pleased to hear that. My wife suddenly lost her job shortly before the Kickstarter ended, but we decided to purchase the game regardless. And we would really like to buy the license and publish some original material for the game, but (for obvious reasons) I have simply been unable to scrape together the extra $60 in time.