Sojourner Pro: Kevin J. Anderson

THANKS TO YOU FOR MAKING OUR GAME POSSIBLE! I am thrilled today to announce our second set of stretch goals which is topped off by a VERY exciting addition to our Sojourner Professional Writers:

SOJOURNER PROFESSIONAL #2: Kevin J. Anderson is the author of more than 115 books, 52 of which have appeared on national or international bestseller lists; he has over 23 million copies in print in thirty languages. He has won or been nominated for the Nebula Award, Bram Stoker Award, The Faust Award, the SFX Reader's Choice Award, the Scribe Award, and New York Times Notable Book. Kevin has coauthored twelve books in the Dune saga with Brian Herbert. Kevin’s epic SF series, The Saga of Seven Suns, is a 7-volume opus that topped international bestseller lists; he is currently at work on a sequel trilogy, The Saga of Shadows. His Terra Incognita trilogy is about sailing ships, sea monsters, and the crusades, and he even produced and cowrote the lyrics (with his wife Rebecca Moesta) for two crossover rock CDs based on the novels, performed by rock legends from the groups Kansas, Dream Theater, Asia, Saga, and others. His novel Enemies & Allies chronicles the first meeting of Batman and Superman in the 1950s; Anderson also wrote The Last Days of Krypton. He has written numerous Star Wars projects, including the Jedi Academy trilogy, the Young Jedi Knights series (with Moesta), and Tales of the Jedi comics from Dark Horse. Fans might also know him from his X-Files novels or Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son. Kevin wrote Clockwork Angels the Novel based on the CD by the multi-platinum rock group Rush, with his long-time friend Neil Peart, the band’s drummer and lyricist. Death Warmed Over is the first book in Kevin’s humorous horror series featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie PI; the next two books, Unnatural Acts and Hair Raising, will be released in 2013. Kevin is hoping to write a Dan Shamble-themed Sojourner Story Module for his submission to our project.

And in Other Stretch Goal News...

We are introducing two new stretch goals on our way to enjoying our story from Kevin J. Anderson. These include:

Just in time for Halloween! Get your scare on with this downloadable set of Genre Pack cards, created by Tracy & Laura Hickman, that will transport your Sojourner Story Modules into the realms of fright! INCLUDED AT ALL PLEDGE LEVELS!

A COMPONENT UPGRADE FOR EVERY GAME! The Chapter Disks in the current game are punch cardboard disks but with this stretch goal we will be upgrading everyone's game to include complete sets of plastic disks, their backs engraved with a Sojourner symbol. These disks will not only look better on the board and last longer without wear but will make game play faster as they are far easier to manipulate. INCLUDED AT ALL PLEDGE LEVELS THAT INCLUDE A COPY OF THE GAME.

Dungeon Crawler's Radio Interview

Last night, after Laura and I flew home from GrandCon earlier in the day, I drove over to Epic Games to appear on the Dungeon Crawlers Radio internet broadcast. Because I entered the address into my GPS with the wrong street number, I was a little late getting to the broadcast ... so my appearance actually beings at about the thirteen minute mark.

We talk Sojourner Tales for about an hour and a half ... so this podcast is for the hearty listener!

Coming Attractions!

We are working hard on the Beta download for our 'Grass-roots Licensing' supporters and will be doing our best to have that available this week. In addition, we will be doing a revision of the rules and the card sets to reflect improvements suggested on the Sojourner Tales website by supporters just like you!


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