Sojourner Tales Kickstarter Set to Launch

Sojourner Video IntroOnce upon a time, Laura and I wondered what would happen if we combined the power of Tablets, Smart Phones an e-book readers with the joy of storytelling and board games.

Now the time has come to share the magic that was the result.

Sojourner Tales has been approved as a Kickstarter Project. As our kicking off our kickstarter this Thursday with the opening of the Salt Lake City Comiccon. We'll be running demos of our game in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #216) and even giving away a prototype of the game to one winner of our drawing at the convention -- but you can participate wherever you may be by pledging your support of our game as soon as we open the doors.

You'll want to come early as we're offering special, discounted levels for the first people to pledge. We also have a series of incredible stretch goals after our funding  that you will have to see to believe.

Log in to your Sojourner Tales Membership in order to see a Sneak Preview of the Sojourner Tales Kickstarter Campaign including the current pledge levels and rewards.

The countdown has begun ... and the dream is about to become a reality.

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