White Weekend Exclusives

I have to admit that I find the idea of 'Black Friday' so negative that I've decided to offer up my own unique 'White Weekend' unique items for your holiday gift list.

Sojourner Tales Premiere Edition

Our Kickstarter campaign for our Sojourner Tales Storytelling Board game funded to something like 214%! If you purchase a copy of the first edition game for $45 (+S&H) ... to be delivered next spring ... then the immediate download of our D.I.Y. version of the game is included at no additional cost. And you can also buy the D.I.Y. download version of the game for $25.

However, if you are looking for something special right away for the holidays, Laura and I have prepared a Premiere Special Edition of the Sojourner Tales Board Game you can order this week end. This edition was revised by me personally today (includes the new game board and location cards) as well as a uniquely marked cover for the box. Each of these is created by the same The Game Crafter company that created our prototypes. As these are print on demand (POD) games they are necessarily much more expensive than our production games coming in the spring and some of the components will not be of as fine a quality -- however it is a beautiful presentation of the game and the board and cards in particular are of excellent quality. A unique gift in time for the Holidays. $74.99 (plus S&H)

For our Kickstarter Backers and D.I.Y. enthusiasts, we haven't left you out! Just for the holidays, we have produced a special D.I.Y. Expansion just with you in mind. This is NOT the full game but it includes a unique version of the box, the professionally produced game board and a full set of Twisted, Tales and Destiny cards with rounded corners and a professional finish. All you need to add is your own chapter disks, rule book, dice, markers and character displays ... oh, and that necessary Sojourner Story Module. $39.99 (plus S&H)

St. Nicholas & the Dragon

Nicholas_newsad Come join us for our holiday story of St. Nicholas before he was a saint, of King Wenceslas who was actually a Duke and of a dragon who is trying to avoid his knight-slaying duties. Available for all ebook formats as well as traditional book form.

Unique Treasure!

Signed, MIB Diablo Computer Game


Discovered in the Hickman Vaults! This is a first-edition, signed copy of Diablo one. It is still factory sealed. This was originally given to me by one of the developers at Blizzard as a gift. There is some wear on the corners of the box but it is in otherwise perfect condition. While signed copies of Diablo two or three are fairly common, a signed copy of Diablo one is a rare find. I will also provide a signed letter of authenticity for this item.

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