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26 thoughts on “My Membership

  1. Spencer Williams says:

    Looking forward to the game and to writing a few modules!

  2. I am already thinking of stories for specific people! I am looking forward to the game and DIY module. 🙂

  3. Jonathan Eckardt says:

    Where/When do I download the sojourner copy from my kickstarter reward?

    • Shortly you will be receiving a survey through Kickstarter which will allow us to set up everyone’s proper access to the website. We’re planning on next Saturday for the D.I.Y. release.

      • CW Moellenkamp says:


        I am a backer of the Sojourner Tales campaign

        Tracy Hickman stated in a Kickstarter email yeaterday (Project Update #32) that he had sent out a survey to the backers however I did not receive them. What should I do to gain access and correct this issue?

        Thank you

        CW Moellenkamp

  4. Unable to register an account on the site – it redirects to the login screen, which says it isn’t a recognized login.

  5. Patrick Prince says:

    I just finished a backer survey and saw that it said to sign up here. I’m having some trouble signing up now though. Whenever I click on “register for a new account”, it brings me to a page asking me to sign in with an existing account.

  6. Jamil Ismaili says:

    Will we have another chance to upgrade from the DIY tier to the physical game box tier ?

  7. I am a backer. Where can I find my ‘Role’ on the website?

  8. How do we know what our role is? I was a kickstarter backer, but I don’t see the Subscriber role anywhere. I am probably not looking in the right place. Help?

  9. I have an account, but Im not seeing my KS pledge info anywhere but on the KS website. From the recent email I was under the impression my pledge level would be visible on the Sojourner website Am I mistaken? All I see are various “Buy Now” options.

    • That was my fault … I failed to put in the display functionality for your roles. You may now view your role here on the ‘Membership’ page as well as on the ‘My Profile Summary’ in the sidebar to the right. Please contact me via the PM utility on the forums if you believe the displayed role is incorrect.

      • William Stilson says:

        Can you clarify my membership level? I thought it was what level we pledged under for Kickstarter. Is this correct?

        • Can you clarify my membership level? I thought it was what level we pledged under for Kickstarter. Is this correct?

          I’ll do what I can for you, bill. The pledge level on the Kickstarter actually determines three separate things:

          1. The membership level on this website: This is primarily used to distinguish between people interested in Sojourner Tales but who have not yet supported the game, members who have supported the game through their contributions and members who not only have supported the game but are also content producers. Each level grants levels of creative access. Producers, for example, can create their own storefronts and sell their SSM adventures through this website. Kickstarter backers who will be receiving the game do not need such capabilities and, therefore, are set to a different level of access to the website.
          2. Capabilities on this website: In addition to membership levels, some pledge levels provided for additional capabilities. For example, all backers of the game have the ability to download the D.I.Y. version of the game while those who are registered but have not yet backed the game do not. These capabilities are tracked separate from the membership level on this website.
          3. Additional bonuses outside of this website: Of course, there were a number of kickstarter levels that included rewards outside the website itself. (For example, my flying to someone’s home and delivering the game or those backers who wanted to choose names in the first adventure or were going to be part of our crew at Gencon.) Each of these rewards take place outside the arena of the website and are tracked and contacted separately through their Kickstarter email address.

          I hope this helps!

  10. Thank you Tracy! The Membership Role is showing nicely now.

  11. Tracy,
    I am one of the backers with a license to write and you got me hooked up a couple of weeks ago. My logon and password worked for several days but the last 10 days or so I have been getting the error message below:

    503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you need assistance.

    I have cleared my cache and even the DNS through the ipconfig command many times but nothing seems to work. I even had my son try to log on from his home (thinking it might be something on my system I don’t know about) but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions.
    Bruce Allred

    • I’ve reset your ip address on my end. Let’s see if that clears up the problem.

      • Tracy,
        I don’t know what is wrong but I have tried both Explorer and Firefox with cookies enabled now that you reset the IP address. I still get the same 503 server error message. I am wondering if the system just has an extreme dislike of me. Would a new username and password,i.e. just start over do anything?
        Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.
        Much thanks
        Bruce Allred

  12. Hi, I was a Kickstarter backer (FIRST WAVE BLITZ plus add-ins) but my membership level on this site is still showing as “Sojourner”. I’ve been unable to download the p’n’p version. I’ve sent a couple PMs through the forum system over the last few months but never gotten a response.
    Please fix my access level.
    — Bill